My Approach To Therapy

"Therapy" comes from the Greek word often translated, "healing." I believe that in order to understand our current struggles, we have to understand two questions: what is the pain that I have experienced in my family of origin (as well as other places), and how am I dealing with my pain in ways that are hurtful to myself and others?

My approach to therapy is rooted in a holistic view of our humanity. I believe that we all have a body, soul and spirit. Our disconnects in life are related to our disconnects with our Creator. Effective therapy helps people discover what is going on at all these levels and helps them move in new directions. I am always willing to incorporate the spiritual component of our healing process for those who are interested in change from the inside out.

My desire is to provide individuals, families and couples with both the tools to improve their relationships and the insight to help guide them on their healing path. As we connect more intimately with our Creator, we are empowered to more effectively connect with ourselves and our loved ones.

"He who is forgiven little, loves little."

Forgiveness is a large theme in my approach. Extending forgiveness to those who have wounded us is essential in our healing. Otherwise we tend to remain stuck. But extending forgiveness means we have to open up about the betrayals and wounds of our past - something that is hard to do because we tend to cover over those deeply painful wounds and remain stuck in unhealthy patterns of relating to ourselves, others and God.

Our unhealthy ways of relating may mask our own pain, but they also harm us, harm others and grieve God. Seeking forgiveness for the ways that our unhealthy ways of coping have injured others is a second aspect of forgiveness.

Receiving forgiveness for how we have grieved God in the ways we relate to others is critical in changing us from the inside out. Being unconditionally accepted and loved in spite of our deep flaws and gaps is empowering. Self acceptance flows out of being forgiven. Biblical self acceptance is rooted not in positive self talk but in experiencing God's unconditional love for us in Christ.

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