What are you going to do for entertainment?

We recently dropped our cable TV but kept our internet. The support person who handled my phone call and my request for dropping the cable TV portion of our service, asked me an interesting question. "What are you going to do now for entertainment?" he said.

It seemed to carry the assumption that if we didn't have cable TV we could not enjoy being entertained. Somehow having cable TV was a given. Less and less so for me and my wife. 

It reminded me of the time I was chatting with a clerk and somehow the topic of cable channels came up. Totally volunteering this information, with not even a question from me, she said, "Yeah, I've got 189 channels and there is nothing to watch."

Then this morning, a good friend of mine said that he thought the level of anxiety in our culture has gone up dramatically because of access to technology 24/7.

Putting all that together I began to wonder what it would be like to unplug for a couple of weeks. While I cannot just go cold turkey because I have business to conduct that requires the technology, I think I am going to give it a try. Unplugging as much as i can and seeing what happens. Stay tuned.

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