What Are My Background And Qualifications?

I have been married for over 36 years and have three grown children. One of my most significant qualifications, I believe, is that through the wise guidance of a gifted therapist, my wife and I were able to work through significant struggles in our own marriage and see real healing and transformation occur that is ongoing today. That healing journey was a major impetus in launching me in this new direction.

My academic training
I have a Master of Arts degree from the Alfred Adler Institute in Richfield, MN, in Adlerian Psychotherapy. My emphasis was in Marriage and Family Therapy. I did my Masters project on the affects of ADHD on the family.

I'm fully licensed by the state of Minnesota as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT).

Adoptive family and living with ADHD
We have been blessed with both biological and adoptive children. Our journey includes learning the stresses and surprises of adoptive parenting. Having a child with attention deficit and living with it myself. I have a special compassion for those who struggle with attention deficit or who struggle parenting children with attention deficit, or who have a spouse with ADD.

Key influences in my journey
Among the key educational influencers in my life are: Larry Crabb, Dan Allender, Leanne Payne, Gordon Dalbey. I have attended seminars, conferences and read numerous books by these people.

Prepare - Enrich
Many years ago my wife and I were certified to administer the Prepare - Enrich Couples Inventory and we used it with engaged couples in our ministry. Recently I was re-certified to interpret the Prepare - Enrich inventories. For both engaged and married couples these inventories can provide valuable insight into areas of strength as well as challenging areas in their relationship.
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My office is in Anoka, MN at 2665 4th Avenue.
Confidential voice mail is 952-797-4476. You may also send a text to that number. 

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